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Herbs from My Garden … Pt. 2

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Cekur Plant aka Kaempferia Galangal …the aromatic root ginger has a distinctive scent used to flavour nyonya cuisines like pork stews and rice dumplings

This is Turmeric Plant /Leaves aka Daun Kunyit … the yellow ginger has a deep orange-colour used to flavour meat and curries …aka “poor man’s saffron” …the turmeric powder is often used to colour food as a substitute for saffron!

Lemon Grass aka Serai …. the white base is what is used for cooking … the leaves maybe used to make Lemon-grass Tea and the Chinese would boil the leaves and use as bath-water for women who had just given birth to a baby.
It has medicinal value which supposedly helps in relieving coughs and nasal congestions.

Kaffir Lime Leaves aka Daun Limau Purut …the leaves, when crushed, releases a strong, citrus aroma …it is used in curry, soup or sliced finely and added to salads … the fruit of this plant looks similar to that of a green lemon but has a bumpy skin …I love to slice these fruits up and throw it into by bath as it gives a very refreshing fragrance is also believed that if the fruit is boiled until very soft, and the resulting pulp rubbed into the hair and scalp as a remedy for lice and dandruff. It is left on from 30 minutes to 2 hours, then washed off.

Wild mushhrooms … or “Toadstools” as known to the elves & fairies 🙂 …. edible? I don’t know as I don’t dare try … 😉

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