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Potato Shrimps Salad

I served these Potato Shrimps with a Avocado, Rocquet & Orange Salad … perfect for lunch ❤

Here, I served up the Potato Shrimps with a Baby Spinach & Avocado Salad 😉

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  1. I was hoping for a recipe…the shrimp are beautiful.

    • Hey Karen! this is very easy but you need a spiral vege cutter …cut your potatoes into ‘spaghetti/spiral’ cuts with the cutter .. season your shrimps and dip your shrimps into a beaten egg then twirl the ‘spaghetti/spiral’ cut potatoes strips from tail end right to the ‘head’ end of the shrimp and back until you form a kinda ‘blown’ up shape and secure the ends by ‘tugging’ it into the twirls and deep-fry ’em until golden brown …they are awesome especially as cocktail finger-food at the start of a dinner party or even as your starters!

  2. My pleasure Karen … hope you’ll give it a go and enjoy it 😉

  3. I love making spiral cut potatoes to wrap around things! I broke my spiral cutter a while back though and haven’t replaced it yet. You’ve posted yet another beautiful and undoubtedly delicious dish! Such inspiration!

    • I used to wonder how those fast food chains made their spiral potato chips until I discovered this tool called spiral vege cutter…lol…it’s a cool tool I must say and great for making vegetable noodles! Surprisingly I’ve never seen this Potato Shrimps recipe anywhere in any of my recipe books and mind you I think I have a collection of almost 100 cookbooks or so, if not more! As on this post, I had made these over 2 separate occasions and served up with different salads …unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the process so next time I must and will post the steps of making it for benefit of those who wish to make it and don’t know how 😉

  4. shawn.leishman

    Looks like something that came out of a restaurant mum…. =]


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