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Spit Roast Chicken

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I roasted this simple chicken in order to strip it of its meat to make Chicken Pies but boy! when it was ready, the skin was sooooo crispy and the bird smelled sooooo good that I was soooo tempted to tell Hubby let’s just have the roast bird as it is for our dinner!!
Anyway, I ended up making 2 different pies with it … a Chicken, Cheese and Leek Parcel and a Chicken and Mushroom Pie 🙂



A  1½kg Whole Chicken

McCormick Chicken Seasoning

Celery Salt

2 Tbsp Oil


  • Clean the chicken then rub the seasoning + celery salt allover the chicken, outside as well as the cavity of the bird
  • Leave to marinate for couple hours in the fridge
  • Brush the outside with the oil, truss the chicken then place bird securely on the  rotisserie skewer 
  • Preheat your grill and prepare the rotisserie
  • Place a drip pan beneathe where your chicken will be (fill with some water if you prefer)
  • Grill the chicken for about 2 – 2½ hours 

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  1. Reading about the crispy skin makes me think of a dish I used to make in the restaurant called Kosher Pork Rinds. They aren’t pork rinds at all but slowly cooked pieces of chicken skin seasoned with salt and black pepper. We used to make all of our chicken dishes from fresh, whole chickens so we ended up with many pounds of chicken skin that we didn’t want to waste. We were already using the skin to render schmaltz (like lard but from chicken) and I noticed that the skin would crisp up nicely so I saved some of it and seasoned it and it turned out to be really good. We started serving it as a snack in our bar a couple of days later. I think it’s best seasoned with salt and black pepper as it cooks and then tossed with finely minced ginger, minced raw garlic and scallions right before it’s served. You have to serve it hot though. It’s not a good cold dish.

  2. Hey Cheftolus, if they are not Pork then why the name Kosher Pork Rinds?? (just curious so tell me quick before my curiosity kills the cat!!)

    Hmm … now you are tempting me to give this crispy chicken nibbles a go …. ;-p

    • We called them Kosher pork rinds as a joke because pork can never be Kosher but the flavor and texture of the chicken skins is very close to what pork rinds taste like. It was a bad joke really. I just haven’t thought of a better name for them yet. Chicken rinds don’t sound good to me. Maybe you can suggest a better name? You should make the dish first though because it is really tasty. Just make sure to have the heat set properly. Too high and the chicken fat will smoke and the skins will burn. Too low and they won’t get crisp enough.

      • Let me have a go at it then I’ll think of a name if I can but I kinda can imagine what it’s like because the skin from that Roast Chicken I made was very thin and crispy with hardly any fat on it because when it was spit-roasted, all the fat had dripped off 😉

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