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Judie’s Decorative Bottles …

This has nothing to do with food but is something to do with my kitchen … I hand-crafted these bottles, filled with colourful pulses ….besides displaying them in my kitchen/dining table, I also donated some for charity sales as well as gave away a few to friends as presents 😉

Decorative bottles I handmade ...filled with colourful beans/peas ...nice displayed on my kitchen sills and centre of my dining table ...buffet side-board .... makes an awesome gifts for friends too 😉

I sealed the bottles with corks decorated with colourful beads & ornamants ...

Hand-crafted Decorative Bottles

Hand-crafted Decorative Bottles

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  1. Hi, this bottles are just beautiful!!!
    But, How you do to give diferent shapes to the beans and the stuff you put inside?

    • I remember posting a response to you but I don’t seem to see it … my apologies, Yahaira … what you do is tilt the bottle as you put in the beans … it is through many trials and errors and loads of practice that you will start to get a grip of the technique so give it a go 😉


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