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Hi everybody ….Welcome to my blog  Food Is Ready!!

My name is Judie and I must admit that Cooking was never one of my top passion in life ….up until I shelved my own career  to don the apron, duster in one hand & wooden spoon in another to live life as a full-time Homemaker when I decided to follow Hubby Dearest when he got  posted to Lagos, I seldom ever cooked a decent meal at home .  I was so ill-exposed in the kitchen and was so lack of culinary skills/knowledge that when Hubby & I hosted our very first Christmas dinner for the family in our new home when we were in Scotland that I never knew that I have to ‘cook’ the store-bought Christmas pudding either in the oven or microwave which sent me into tears when it comes time to serve up the pudding and Hubby found it still sitting snugly in it’s full packaging on the kitchen top!!!!  T’was certainly one of my most embarrassing kitchen moments … totally etched in my memory for life  :-ξ

Having said that, the passion for cooking/baking did start to develop in me eventually over the years as I continuously acquire and sharpen my cooking skills and arm myself with “tricks” and cooking/baking becomes fun, versatile and even rewarding …..I started to enjoy ‘reading’ recipe books in my free time and today, I’ve a collection of shelves and shelves of cookbooks I adore …many a pages with my own scribbles where I’d tweaked a recipe here & there to suit our own likings/tastes so you bet whatever I’ve posted on my blog are the ultimate tried & tested recipes 😉

To me, cooking is a skill and craft that just takes practice to master.  Now and again, I enjoy having a go at a recipe I’ve never tried before and experiment with ingredients substitutions for those that I can’t find or tweaking the recipe to suit our own palates. At the end of the day, it’s just food. If I mess up, we can still eat whatever I’ve made with the only risk of my hubby shouting for a “home-delivery/take-away” from the nearest available restaurant!

So, what got me into blogging and started this blog Food Is Ready ?? …..

Beloved friends & relatives, especially our darling son who always, time and again, asked me to email him recipes …plus fact that whenever I travel and wanna cook, I’m missing all my favourite tried & tested recipes ….so one day, the  why not blog it ‘light-bulb’ lit in my brain and I asked myself, “ya, why don’t I start a food/recipe blog and flog all our all time favourites and family & friends will be able to share my recipes easily + I’ll be able to access all my tried & tested favourite recipes wherever we maybe?” and voila, that was when Food Is Ready was borne, with the help of our son 😉

Why the name Food is Ready you may wonder? … This is (I think) a Lagos/Nigerian thingy ..little ‘stalls’ set up on the roadsides selling cooked food will have a hand-scribbled sign up that says “Food Is Ready” to publicise to people that there is cooked food on sale.  So, being based in Lagos for as long as we are now, I just thought nothing would be more appropriate a name then to announce to my family and friends that Food Is Ready…. ready to be served up anytime from my humble kitchen for y’all anytime …a Chopbox of East-meets-West cuisines … and yes, “YOU ARE WELCOME“!!  🙂

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