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Haggis, Neeps &Tatties

Haggis, Turnip & Potatoes …brought all the way with us from Scotland!!

Hubby’s comfort food from home … Haggis, Neeps & Tatties  ….also the quintessential dish for a Burn’s Night Supper 😉 … check out my other post of a Haggis Pie

Where we are here, we can’t get turnips so in place of turnips, we substitute with mashed carrots to serve up our Haggis meal 🙂

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  1. I absolutely adore haggis. I developed a recipe for one made with chicken that’s actually wrapped in a laced up whole chicken skin but it’s hard to find all of the chicken “parts” to make a proper chicken haggis. Sometimes the halal butcher at our local international market has some good stuff though.

    • Chicken Haggis … wow!! that is brilliant … but you don’t eat the chicken skin do you? Because Haggis is originally and supposedly wrapped in the lamb-stomach but nowadays if you buy off the supermarket like what you see in my post here, they don’t use that anymore. Haggis is an acquired taste and most people don’t fancy it so I’m amazed you adore it …some Scottish friends of ours don’t even like it!!

      • Yes! I do serve the skin. I finish cooking the chicken haggis by pan frying it in schmaltz until the skin is very very crispy. It’s also made with more barley than oats and the spice blend is a bit different as well.

        Haggis can be an acquired taste but most of the people I’ve met who really love it have loved it since their first taste. You just have to have a taste for organ meats is all. I love blood sausage and black pudding too and my favorite along those lines is Portuguese Morcella.

      • I like blood sausage but not so much of black pudding unless it is a real good one which is not so salty!! I still have loads of black pudding in my freezer and it is not such a good quality one so won’t be serving up as it is in a breakfast fry-up so any suggestions what I can use it for?

  2. shawn.leishman

    hohoho… i had some of this when i was on a field study the other day…. =p


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