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Roast Pork Crackling Joint

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Hubby & I love, love, love pork crackling ...and this is a joint that came with us to Lagos all the way from home, Scotland ...and it will be simply marinated with salt + some Chinese 5-spice powder and roasted ...nothing fancy - the way we luuurve our roast pork + the crackling 😉

The joint simply marinated with salt & Chinese 5-Spice powder and let stand for 30 minutes ...preheat oven to 230-250°C and roast the joint for 30 minutes, reduce oven heat to 180-200°C and continue to roast in accordance to weight of the joint ...25 minutes for every 500g + an additional 10 minutes ...cover with foil and let stand 10minutes before carving

The perfect roasted, juicy joint carved up ready to be served up! Yum-yummy ... and the leftovers would be tomorrow's sandwich lunch with loads of Apple Sauce slapped on 🙂

The juicy Roast Pork Crackling Joint was served up with my home-made Apple Sauce ...

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  1. You can never go wrong with pork cooked slow and simply. This is especially true when you add applesauce. I’m seriously drooling…

    • This is such a simple dish except that because being here in Lagos, the pork joints/bellies I brought back with me tend to be kept frozen in the freezer for a while and not roasted when they are freshly bought so the skin do not crackly as well and as crispy as I want them to! I like making roasts because any leftovers is simply great for sandwiches next day over lunch or for salads 🙂

  2. shawn.leishman

    Hah! There’s German pork roast in town at the moment. All the german food stalls… Seeing this i must go get some too….


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