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3 cups short grain rice - I used Sushi rice
500g beef - I used fillet - ribeye/sirloin would be a good choice, too
250g shitake mushrooms - if using dried ones soak for 2 hours
500g soybean or mung bean sprouts
100g Chinese Spinach - I chopped this coursely
1 cucumber - sliced thickly
2 med carrots - julienned
2 sm zucchinis - I didnt add this in this instant
2 cups boiled gosan (fernbrake) - I ommitted this as unavailable
5 tsp garlic, minced
2/3 scallions, diced
soy sauce
sesame oil
roasted sesame seeds
salt & pepper
canola oil
2 - 4 eggs - allocate 1 egg per serving

**other ingredients that may be added to Bibimbap are : kimchi; sauté sliced onion; Chinese wood-ear fungus (soakes, shreeded & sauté)


Bibimbap Sauce …. 2 Tbsp gochujang + 1 Tbsp sesame oil + 1 Tbsp sugar + 1 Tbsp water + 1 Tbsp roasted sesame seeds + 1 tsp Vinegar + 1 tsp minced garlic …. mix everything together and set aside


Mise-en-Place of ingredients required to assemble Bibimbap bowl … from top, clockwise …Shitake Mushrooms; Mung Bean Sprouts; Julienned Carrots; Minced Garlic; Cucumber; Chinese Spinach (Bayam) …& in middle : Bibimbap Sauce


  1. Cook the rice in a rice cooker … use a little less water than per package instructions as rice for Bibimbap should be a little drier than normal for best results.

2.  Beef – sliced into 2″ strips and marinate with … 1 Tbsp soy sauce + 2 tsp sugar + 2 tsp sesame oil + 2tsp rice wine + 1 Tbsp chopped scallion + 1 tsp minced garlic + 1/2 tsp sesame seeds + pinch pepper …for 30 minutes


3.  Sauté marinaded beef in a heated pan with 1 tsp sesame oil for 2 – 3 minutes over high heat


4.  I added dried Shitake Mushrooms since fernbrake is unavailable here …which I soaked and then sliced thickly and then sauté it in pan heated with 1 tsp sesame oil + some minced garlic


5.  I used Mung Bean Sprouts here but ideally, Soy Bean Sprouts is the choice … blanch it in a pot of boiling water with 1 tsp salt added … drain quickly then shock in cold water to stop cooking process …drain then toss in mixture of 1 tsp minced garlic + 2 tsp sesame oil + 1/2 tsp sesame seeds + salt & pepper to taste


6.  Chinese Spinach (bayam) is best for Korean recipes but if unavailable, you may use the regular Spinach … I chopped it coursely then sauté it in pan heated up with 1 tsp sesame oil + 1 tsp minced garlic then dish out and toss in 1/2 tsp sesame seeds + some pepper & salt to taste


7.  Slice cucumber in half lengthwise and then thickly slice crosswise …sprinkle with some salt and sed aside for 10 minutes …squeeze out excess liquid then toss with mixture of 1 tsp sesame oil + 1/2 tsp minced garlic + 1/2 tsp sesame seeds + 1 Tbsp scallion


8.  Blanched julienned carrots in salted water then toss in mixture of 1tsp sesame oil + 1/2 tsp sesame seeds + 1/2 tsp minced garlic + salt & pepper to taste


9.  Allocate 1 sunny side up egg per serving/bowl


10.  Normally, in a Korean Restaurant, Bibimbap is served in individual bowl – traditionally would be in a stone bowl, heated until very hot then add 1 Tbsp sesame oil and rice and cook rice for several minutes until rice sizzles – but here, you see that I served up in a medium sized ceramic caserole dish which I heated in oven till very hot, laced hot dish with sesame oil then scooped in the rice and allow it to sizzle for a while in the oven and then nicely arrange each of the ingredients in circular direction atop the rice then drizzle a little sesame oil over, top with the sunny side up egg(s) and i drizzled the Bibimbap sauce around and serve up!


11.  Mix the ingredients well in the bowl and Bon Appetite! 🍴🍷

Cranberry-Orange Turkey


An incredibly easy to put together meal … and extremely tasty way of enjoying your turkey, too … when I served this up for dinner, hubby said “Wow! It’s Christmas allover again!” 😉


I used turkey drumsticks/legs … it’s huge so 1 drumstick per person is plenty!


You will need 14 or 16 oz can of whole berry cranberry sauce … I added a handful of dried cranberries, too since I have plenty of those 🙂


Add 1 cup store bought bottled French Dressing to the whole berry cranberry sauce


Grate the rind of one orange and then squeeze the orange and add the rind & ½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice to the cranberry sauce & French dressing


Now, add in 1 oz (half a packet) of onion soup mix


This is optional and may be omitted if you are on a low-salt diet … otherwise, add ½ tsp seasoned salt


Mix the marinade well and pour over the turkey drumsticks


Marinade the turkey drumsticks, covered in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours or overnight


Baked, uncovered for about 50 – 60 mins until turkey drumsticks are tender and serve up on it’s own with some steamed vegetables or with some steamed rice or even mashed potatoes


Ingredients :

4 – 6 turkey drumsticks/legs 

1  14 – 16 oz can 
whole cranberry sauce

1   cup 
bottled French salad dressing

grated orange rind of 1 orange

½ cup freshly squeezed 
orange juice

  1 oz 
onion soup mix (½ of a 2 oz pack)

½ tsp 
seasoned salt

Methods :

  1. Lightly coat a 13x9x2-inch (3-quart rectangular) baking dish with nonstick cooking spray
  2. Arrange turkey drumsticks in bottom of prepared baking dishh and set aside
  3. In a medium bowl, combine cranberry sauce, salad dressing, orange juice, onion soup mix and seasoned salt, stir to mix well
  4. Evenly pour marinade sauce over turkey legs 
  5. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours or overnight
  6. Bake, uncovered, in a 180ºC oven for 50 – 60 minutes until turkey drumsticks are tender
  7. Serve up with some steamed vegetables or if you prefer, serve up with some steamed rice or mashed potatoes to mob up the awesome, tasty gravy 

Sticky Toffee Pudding (2)


I had earlier posted a recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding .. that is also a very good recipe which makes a smaller pudding but I must say, THIS recipe is by far the best ever! Best served with warm with couple scoops ice-cream … no ice cream here as I had none … lol


You will need 280g dates, stoned and chopped


Boil the dates in 425ml water for about 5 minutes until soft and pasty


Cream 115g unsalted butter and 350g soft light brown sugar until pale & creamy … here, as always with all my puddings & cakes, I would discount the sugar used by about ¼


You will need 350g self-raising flour and 4 eggs, beaten


Add the beaten eggs into the creamed, pale butter & sugar mixture and beat to mix well


Add 2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda to the date paste (this will make the mix fizz) .. .


…no quickly beat the dates, flour and 2 tsp vanilla extract into the creamed egg mixture


Pour the mixure into a buttered 9.5″ x 9.5″ x 2″ baking dish or pan … I used a Pyrex casserole dish which works well … and bake for 1 hour until just firm to the touch … I advise you to check the colour of the pudding after 45 mins … if the top looks well browned, lay a sheet of foil on top to stop it singeing before it’s cooked through


Ta-daaa!! The pudding is done .. what I’ve done here to keep the pudding moist and even richer is I poked about 30 holes right through and then pour some of the toffee sauce over the pudding, making sure the sauce soaked into the pudding through all the holes … sliced into 16 squares …..


…serve up warm with hot toffee sauce poured over the pudding and if so desired, with couple scoops of Vanilla Ice-Cream, too … to make the toffee sauce … mix 600ml double cream, 115g demerara sugar (again, I discount about 1/4 of this amount) and 4 tsp black treacle altogether in a saucepan over low heat and stir together until blended, bring to the boil and transfer to a jug to serve

Mutton/Chicken Biryani

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Biryani, biriani, biriyani, buriyani, beryani or beriani is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice and chicken, mutton, fish, eggs or vegetables. The name is derived from the Persian word beryā which means “fried” or “roasted”


The spices and condiments used in biryani may include, but are not limited to, ghee, nutmeg, mace,pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions, and garlic …the premium varieties include saffron


The ground spices I used for marinating the mutton/chicken  … the whole spices in the saucer in the middle is whole garam masala … for the rice as well as the curry


For a non-vegetarian biryani, the main ingredient that accompanies the spices is the meat—beef, chicken, mutton, lamb, fish or shrimps …. here, I’m using boneless mutton


Marinating the mutton/chicken overnight with yogurt, garam masala, garlic & ginger paste, turmeric powder and chilly powder …mixed the meat thoroughly with the yogurt and spices, cover and let it marinate for 2 hours


First thing is boil your rice with the whole garam masala till about ¾ cooked


the ¾ cooked rice, left aside to cool


Deep-fry the sliced onions until golden brown


Golden-fried onion … I spread some of this in every layer but if you don’t fancy so much onions then just spread it atop the last layer of rice


Brush base of your pot with ghee and line it with a few bay leaves


Layering process … put a layer of rice first then sprinkle rice with the milk/saffron mix, rose water, lime juice, chopped green chillies and spread some golden-fried onion (if using) then top with a layer of the mutton/chicken curry and keep repeating this layering process with final layer being rice …seen here is pix of my biryani with boneless chicken


The layering complete and ready to be cooked in the oven or steamed


Biryani is ready and being served up 🙂


Mutton Biryani is eady to be tucked in!


Chicken Biryani served up with a fresh salad of lettuce, radish & cherry tomatoes


Ingredients :

500 g Basmati rice

1kg boneless mutton/lamb/chicken, cut into chunky pieces

1 large onion, sliced

¾ cup golden fried sliced onion

6 garlic cloves, crushed

½ cup yogurt, beaten

1 can chopped tomatoes

½ cup cashew nuts (optional)

3 Tbsp Red chilli powder or 6 red fresh chillies

2 fresh green chillies, chopped

1 Tbsp coriander powder

4 Tbsp garam masala powder

1 tsp ground nutmeg

1 tsp ground mace

1 Tbsp turmeric powder

1 Tbsp saffron, dissolved in ½ cup hot milk

2 Tbsp rose water

juice of 1 lemon


½ cup oil

50g ghee

a handful of fresh coriander or mint, chopped

Whole spices :

4 bay leaves

10 green whole cardamom

6 black whole cardamom

2 Tbsp black cumin seeds

10 cloves

2 x 2″ cinnamon sticks

Method :

  • Mix well salt, ½ of the red chilli powder, ½ of chopped ginger and chopped garlic, 1 tsp garam masala powder, ½ of turmeric powder and all the yogurt and marinate meat pieces for 2 hours
  • Wash and soak rice in water for about 30 minutes … heat 1 Tsp oil and crackle half of the whole spices in the heated oil … add rice and fry for a minute then add enough water and salt to taste and cook rice until ¾ done… set aside to cool … discard whole garam masala
  • Make a fine paste with remainder of red chilli and the cashew nuts
  • Heat oil in a thick bottom pan … add remaining whole garam masala and let it crackle then add sliced onions and sauté until light golden brown and then red chilli & cashew paste for 5 minutes … add in remaining chopped ginger, chopped garlic, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder fry for 1 minutes … add canned chopped tomatoes and cook for about 5 minutes then add in the marinated meat, bring to a boil and reduce heat and simmer until meat is tender
  • Dissolve saffron in warm milk and set aside 
  • Take a heat proof pot and brush base of pot with ghee and lay the rest of the bay leaves … spread alternate layers of rice and meat … sprinkling saffron dissolved in milk, golden fried onions, chopped green chillies, lemon juice and  dot with ghee in between layers and finish with a rice layer on top, sprinkled with saffron milk, golden fried onions, rose water and dot with ghee
  • Cover and cook in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes and garnish with chopped coriander/mint … you may also garnish with sliced hard-boiled eggs and some cashew nuts … serve hot with some of the meat curry/gravy on the side 

Jumbo Prawns and Balsamic-Orange Onion

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Absolutely gob-smacked deeeeeelish!!


L@@k at the size of those prawns … JUMBO!!!


Clean prawns by trimming head & tail … peel shell away from middle section and leave trimmed head & tail on


the misc-en-place … clockwise from top-left … orange juice, sliced onions, sliced scallion greens, cleaned jumbo prawns, grated orange zest, chopped fresh rosemary


.. the core ingredient … Balsamic vinegar


Toss onions, oil and salt in a 9 x 13-inch baking pan until coated


Stir in orange zest, orange juice, vinegar, rosemary and crushed red pepper


Stir in shrimp and bake until cooked through …. I added in the vegetable of asparagus & snow peas at the last moment


Ingredients :

2 large sweet onions, sliced

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon freshly grated orange zest

Juice of 1 orange

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary

Pinch of crushed red pepper

12 raw shrimp, (6-8 per pound), peeled and deveined

1/4 cup sliced scallion greens

Method :

  •  Preheat oven to 400°F
  •  Toss onions, oil and salt in a 9 x 13-inch baking pan until coated .. cover with foil …bake until softened and juicy, about 45 minutes
  •  Remove foil, stir and continue baking, uncovered, until the onions around the edges of the pan are lightly golden, 25 to 30 minutes
  •  Stir in orange zest, orange juice, vinegar, rosemary and crushed red pepper …bake until most of the liquid has evaporated, about 30 minutes
  •  Stir in shrimp and bake until cooked through, 20 to 25 minutes …stir in scallion greens and serve up!

Perfect Chips

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The choice of potato is important for a good chip. A floury potato is best as they have a soft, dry texture making them good for chips. Look for King Edwards, Maris Piper, Romano or Desirée potatoes. Use a good vegetable or oil!


Not the healthiest cooking methods ever but deep-fryng is best way to get golden, crisp chips 😉


Golden, crisp home-made chips …. seen here served up as Fish & Chips meal with some garden peas!



250g potatoes per person, peeled

1 litre Vegetable oil, lard or dripping to cook


  • Cut the potatoes into 1cm slices then slice these into 1cm-wide chips …place the chips into a colander and rinse under cold running water
  • Place the washed chips into a pan of cold water, bring to a gentle boil and simmer for 3 – 4 minutes … drain through a colander and dry with kitchen paper
  • Heat the oil to 120°C in a deep-fat fryer or large, deep saucepan…blanch the chips a few handfuls at a time in the fat for a couple of minutes…do not brown them
  • Once they seem drier and slightly cooked remove from the fat and drain, set aside and keep covered and at room temperature until needed
  • Reheat the fat to 200°C and cook the chips until golden and crisp about 5 – 8 minutes … serve immediately

Daddy’s Beer Battered Fish & Chips

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If anyone does this well, my hubby certainly does … I, personally, have yet to master the batter so light as crispy as he does it so whenever I fancy a break from the kitchen, yups! it’ll be ‘FISH & CHIPS’ night 😉


Seen here, made with a lovely Croaker fillet 🙂


Here, it’s some lovely Cod Fillets … first coated with flour then coat with the beer batter


for home-made chips, click here ‘How To Make Perfect Chips‘ for the the Perfect Chips recipe 🙂


Heat a wok of oil for deep frying and fry the battered fish fillets until batter is brown and fish cooked through


Seen here served up is the Cod Fillets Beer Battered Fish & Chips … served with some garden peas & tartare sauce … yummeh!


Ingredients :

fish fillets of your choice, 1 fillet per person

garden peas (frozen or fresh)

120g plain flour

pinch of salt

1 Tbsp olive oil

150ml beer

Egg white from 1 large egg

Methods :

  • In a bowl, mix the flour, salt, oil and beer and beat well together
  • Cover and let stand … just before you use the batter, beat the egg white until stiff and fold into the batter
  • Heat wok or deep fryer with enough oil for deep frying
  • Coat your fish fillets with plain flour then dip into batter to coat evenly
  • Deep fry fillets until batter is golden brown and fish cooked through
  • Serve up with mushy peas or boiled garden peas & some home-made chips

Sesame Coated Tuna with Chilli Spiced Mango Sauce

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This is a an awesome way to cook your Tuna Steak …. with a touch of Oriental taste … and the Chili Spiced Mango Sauce is good with chicken or any strong flavoured fish, such as swordfish 🙂 … you could serve these in smaller portion as a starter on a bed of rocket salad!


Seasoned tuna steaks with freshly ground pepper and some salt


Brush steaks with some oil and coat with sesame seeds … you may use a mix of white & black sesame seeds if you so desire …. seen here coated with all white sesame seeds … then pan fry on a heated pan with some Canola oil to the doneness you prefer your steak to be

Salads with Boiled Eggs


We love salads with boiled eggs … but must be boiled eggs which has a fairly firm white and slightly runny yolks …. we love it if drizzle with a soy sauce dressing!


A BLT salad with a twist … with added boiled eggs …. again, firm white with slightly runny yolks 🙂 .. drizzled with a zesty, robust Italian dressing!


Boiled eggs with firm white and a very slightly runny or soft yolk … boil your room temperature eggs for about 5 – 6 minutes depending on size of your eggs … reduce to 3 – 4 minutes if you wish to have a more runny yolk to go with your soldiers (soft boiled eggs) 😉

Comfort water ….

THIS is what we call comfort water 😉