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Marsala Chicken Florentine


Ok, normally Chicken Florentine is on a bed of creamy white sauce with spinach & mushrooms… and cheese maybe …but hubby & I don’t normally favour creamy sauce that much so I  made Marsala Chicken Florentine instead  … very tasty 🍴


Ingredients : ¼ cup julienned sun-dried tomatoes + 1 cup Marsala wine + 1 Tbsp dried oregano + ¼ cup plain flour + about 100g button mushrooms (you may use other types of mushrooms like brown or portobello as you desire); 150g spinach


Depending on how many you are serving and whether you are allocating 1 or 2 chicken breast halves per person …. I started with 4 chicken breast halves …


… but finally decided to make only 3 breast halves … place the breasts in between cling film and use a mallet to pound the meat to about ½” or less thick


Sprinkle some salt & freshly ground pepper on both sides of the flattened chicken breasts


Mix the oregano with the plain flour …


…coat the chicken breasts with the flour … if you are ahead of time like I was, wrap it with cling film and chill in the fridge until you are ready to cook …



Heat a frying pan with 2 Tbsp olive oil and pan fry the chicken until all breasts are cooked through … turning it now and again so that breasts are evenly browned … lift cooked breasts out of pan and keep warm …


Whilst chicken breasts is cooking in the pan … sliced up the mushrooms …


In the same pan you cooked the chicken breasts in, melt the butter in the heated pan then toss in the mushrooms & julienned sun-dried tomatoes … stir and cook for about a minute …


…pour in the Marsala …


…allow to simmer, stirring now and again, for about 10 minutes …


….stir in the spinach and mix to cook for about 2 – 3 minutes …


Serve up by spooning the Marsala spinach & mushroom sauce over the chicken … bon appetite 🍷

Chicken with Mushrooms Marsala Sauce


Well, I had chicken breasts, mushrooms & Marsala so I thought, hmm … a Mushrooms Masala Sauce poured over chicken breast may be tasty …voila! here it is and it IS tasty 😉


A very simple and quick to whip up recipe with just these few main ingredients … for the sauce you will need …1/4 cup marsala wine, 150g sliced mushrooms, one small sliced onions (optional) and some chopped parsley ..  a cup of chicken stock …and 1 Tbsp plain flour + 1 Tbsp of crème fraîche


Of course, you will need chicken breasts or chicken legs as per your own desires … season with salt & pepper and brown it allover


To me, mushrooms & onions go so well together … heat up a pan with some butter and toss in the sliced onions & mushrooms and cook for about 5 mins until they are soft


Add a tablespoon flour and stir to mix well


Pour in the wine …about 1/4 cup …. stir to mix well and bring to a boil …


…pour in the chicken stock … stir to mix well and bring to a boil …


….return the browned chicken breasts to the pan … simmer on low heat until chicken is cooked through and sauce thickens … turn the chicken half-way through …


Add in a tablespoon of crème fraîche and a tablespoon of chopped parsley … stir to mix well …


I served up with a salad of Green Mizuna & balsamic vinaigrette ..and loads of the sauce …and for the first time, hubby actually asked for more sauce half-way through eating as it was simply delish!