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Grilled Salmon Fish Head

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Now if you are a fan of Japanese cuisines, you would know that you will see Grilled Salmon Fish Head on the menu of every authentic Japanese Restaurant …. when I found these awesome, fresh Salmon Salmon Heads I was so elated and snapped it all up and even Hubby who had plain refused to eat fish-heads all these years had also relented and enjoyed these Grilled Salmon Fish Heads 😉

How could I have resist snapping up these awesome fresh Salmon FIsh Heads, you tell me??? …especially here in Lagos where such delicacies are rare to come by…in fact this is the first time I ever seen such big, fresh Salmon Fish Heads on sale after 10 years of being here!!

Don’t it just look most delectable? Most simply and easy to prepare and an out-of-this-world delicacy …. simply sprinkle with some course sea salt and either grill over your BBQ grill or grill it 3″ away from your gas/electric grill until it is nice and done!

What better way than to pair it off with some Pink Champagne 😉

Salt-Baked Jumbo Prawns

Clean and devein some Jumbo Prawns.. to devein, .use a scissors to snip shell on back of prawns and slit the flesh with a sharp small knife and devein ….keep shell all intact and then bury prawns in a casserole with course sea salt
Bake for half an hour in a pre-heated oven of 180°C and then ‘dig’ through the salt to reveal the prawns!
Yummilicious Salt Baked Prawns ready to be plated & devoured ;-p