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Champagne Chicken Chop

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This is a recipe I was given by one of a very good Chinese Chef I used to work with …I’ve had this recipe for years now but never every made it and yes! I finally got around to do so yesterday and guess what? I got both 👍👍 by hubby dearest so I guess it is a recipe for keeps ❤


I used boneless whole chicken legs … you may use breasts or even half a boneless chicken, according to your own preference …


…marinate the chicken with : 1 tsp salt + 1 egg + ½ tsp Shaoxing wine + dash of pepper … for at least an hour ..


For the Champagne Custard Sauce, you will need : 200 ml of lemon juice + ½ a lemon, thinly sliced … I grated the lemon rind of the lemon I’m juicing to add into the sauce as well 😉 ..


…+ 1 Tbsp Custard powder …


..+ 50g Caster Sugar + 50g celery, finely chopped + …


…and of course, the most important ingredient of all : the Champagne … ok, admittedly I’m a little extravagant here as I used 425ml of Bollinger champagne as this was only champagne I could find on our wine rack … you may use a 100ml bottle of baby champ mixed with a can of 7-up/sprite or use 425 ml of sparkling wine …I’d say, mostly for sauces, most likely sparkling wine is used 😝


Combine all the sauce ingredients into a saucepan …


…bring to a boil, stirring …


…continue boiling until sauce is thick … off heat and set aside …


Coat marinaded chicken with 2 Tbsp of cornflour … I find it easier to do this in a zip lock bag which enables me to coat the chicken evenly …


Heat up a wok with enough oil for deep frying … or you may use a deep-fryer …


…deep fry the chicken in the hot oil until cooked through and golden brown …lift it out and drain it on kitchen paper towels …


As we are dining Western style, I left the chicken chop whole, with the Champagne Custard Sauce drizzled over the hot chicken and served it up with some steamed vegetables + corn-on-the-cob … if you are dining Chinese style or if you so prefer, you may cut up the chicken chops into pieces and place onto serving plate and drizzle the Champagne Custard Sauce over and serve hot 🍴🍸


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