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Gong Bao Sauce

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A spicy, versatile sauce that may be used in many dishes … I used it to make pasta … Gong Bao Seafood Pasta … and it was lip-smacking delish 😉 …. *click on Gong Bao Seafood Pasta to take you to the pasta recipe*


Of course with all Gong Bao sauce, you will need dried chillies … I used these for the vibrant red colour …. 20g of it …


…and added these wee fiery Chile Pequins …..


Deseed the dried chillies and cut the regular dried chillies into pieces and leave the wee fiery ones whole after deseeding …


I use hot water to wash the chillies after deseeding and snipping into pieces ….


… drain the chillies and keep aside …


The ingredients … from top left to right …top row : the dried chillies, of course; 200ml water … 2nd row : 2 Tbs oyster sauce; 1 Tsp light soy sauce; 1tsp salt; 1 tsp sesame oil; 100ml oil; 1 Tbs sugar… 3rd row : 3 Tbs black vinegar; 2 Tbs chopped garlic (I used one whole bulb actually); 5 Tbs chilli sauce – I used 3 Tbs of my own home-made Sriracha chilli sauce + 2 Tbsp store bought sweet chilli sauce …


Heat oil in a saucepan then sauté the dried chillies and garlic until fragrant …


…add in the remaining ingredients … bring to a boil … and continue to simmer at low heat for another 5 minutes … remove from heat … use what you need and bottle up the remainder and keep in the fridge .. should keep for a month or so  … happy “gong baoing” 😉

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