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One Pot Meal

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This is a truly wholesome one pot meal which I tweaked using my earlier post of Herbed Artichoke Chicken recipe … instead of cooking it in a slow cooker/crockpot, I did this in an oven … much tastier and chicken has better texture too as I browned it first


…and I used fresh herbs in place of the suggested dried herbs … clockwise from top … fresh thyme, fresh curly parsley, fresh basil and I used pitted black olives in place of Kalamata olives


I added a bunch of salad onions …. kept most of it whole and chopped 2 up


I used whole chicken legs … boned-in… and browned it … gets a much better texture and aroma


Lift out the browned chicken legs, discard oil and then toss in the chopped + whole onions and saute for a few seconds then throw in the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly .. bring to a boil


Now ‘submerge’ the browned chicken legs into the mixture and stick pot into a 210°C preheated oven for about 1.5 hours

This is the earlier post …Herbed Artichoke Chicken … a recipe I adapted from and tweaked and cooked in the oven with various ingredients changes

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