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from Mama Judie’s Pizzeria . . .


The pizza base … I made the dough using my bread-making machine … once dough is ready, remove from machine and shape into 2 x 10″ base (for thin crispy base) using base of palm and leave to proof for 20 mins in a warm place


The ingredients for one of the pizzas I was making … Margherita Pizza with loads of anchovies .. the way we love our pizza … sliced beef tomatoes, fresh basil, cubed mozzarella cheese, anchovies and chopped garlic


The ingredients for the 2nd pizza I was making … instead of Italian salami, I used Chinese liver & pork sausages (lap cheong) and loads of sliced mushrooms and sliced shallots


for the tomato sauce, I used a jar of Tomato and Basil tomato sauce … spread pizza base with the tomato sauce leaving 1/2″ border all around


Then sprinkle evenly with the cubed mozzarella cheese


Top with the fresh basil, sliced tomatoes and anchovies then drizzle with couple tablespoon olive oil … note I’ve not added any salt & pepper since I’m using a store-bought Tomato & Basil sauce which would have already been seasoned


The 2nd pizza I’ve made … with an Asian twist to it … topped with cubed mozzarella cheese, sliced mushrooms, Chinese sausages and then drizzled with shallot oil (together with the sliced shallots)


Pizza Margherita with Anchovies … ready to be served up 🙂 … bake pizza in a pre-heated 220ºC oven for about 20 minutes or until base is golden browned and cheese melted and bubbly


Asian Twist Pizza … with Chinese sausages and loads of sliced mushrooms and shallots … hot outta oven and ready to be sliced 😉

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