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My Tiramisu Birthday Cake

Although all my friends found it weird that I’m baking my own birthday cake but I truly enjoyed baking it … especially being in Lagos and knowing that the cakes on sale are no where near nice, it just makes sense to me to bake the cake myself … I’ve made Tiramisu dessert plenty times before but never ever baked a Tiramisu Cake and had always wanted to bake one so what better time than me own birthday 😉


Baking my own Tiramisu Cake ensures that it is of pure Mascarpone cheese …. this cake is made with 3 tubs of 250g Mascarpone cheese 🙂


It had turned out perfectly well although it is my first time baking a Tiramisu Cake …. absolutely deee-leee-cious!

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  1. that is just insanely massive… -___-” and it looks so good….

    • It is the same size as the Chocolate Banana cake from Secret Recipe, Shawn … big and heavy …only that I feel it has not enough alcohol although everyone thinks it is perfect 😉 …wished you could have some!


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