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Chicken Maryland à la Judie

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Told hubby last evening “let’s dine out …go for Sushi tomorrow night” …then through the night, as I sat watching telly, which is also normally about the time I start to plan what I’m gonna prep for “tomorrow’s” dinner, I suddenly have this craving for Chicken Maryland …so, Chicken Maryland it is tonight for dinner …there are so many versions of Chicken Maryland – UK and US and other parts of the world versions and what not ….well, this is an easy peasy lemon squeezy à la  Judie version – the Chicken Maryland I had always remembered from days when I was a little girl when Papa & Mama used to take us  for our Sunday family dinner night out at a local Snack-bar where I’d always order Chicken Maryland for mains and Banana Split for dessert [yes, Banana Split and I’d only eat the bananas and leave the yummy 3 big scoops of ice cream behind …duh, got it all wrong didn’t I??!!]  😉

………   and Hubby came home from work today and said “what, so no Sushi and no Sake?” … heheheahha a…lol

Simple ingredients …I prepared 3 chicken legs for the 2 of us…deboned the chicken legs …seasoned with All Season Salt … then I prepare 1 beaten egg; a quarter cup plain flour … about a cup bread crumbs

Coat boneless chicken legs with flour, then dip into beaten egg and then coat with breadcrumbs

Brown the coated chicken legs in a heated pan with butter then lift the chicken legs onto a an oven tray to continue cooking in a pre-heated oven of 180°C for a further 15 mins

Looks plain as no garnishes & no gravy whatsoever because we like our meat without gravy/sauce but hubby certainly could testify  that it was awesome … the Banana Fritters (pls click on Banana Fritters for the recipe) was light & crispy and the chicken leg was flavoursome …only item missing on the plate served up is the pineapple rings 😉

This was another serving we had some time ago complete with the pineapple rings 😉

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  1. No pan gravy!!! o_o This surely is the UK version then yes? I make my US version in my cast iron Dutch Oven and I add a teaspoon of grated sweet onion and a tablespoon of chopped fresh dill to the pan drippings before I add half & half to finish the sauce. After that I let it reduce by about half and finish it with a squeeze of lemon.

    I love that you browned the chicken in butter before you baked it. You really got the most bang for your buck out of the fat you chose while still keeping the dish very healthy.

    • Nope, no pan gravy although there was some lovely pan drippings which I was tempted but we love our meat the way it is, and especially chicken we’d eat with Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce 😉

      Is the US Version also breaded like I did here? …and yes, browning it then finished off the cooking in the oven does not get it too oil soaked and it was still juicy & yummy!

  2. shawn.leishman

    Okay. This looks amazing! Chicken Maryland for the win!


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