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Banana Fritters

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I’ve experimented with various recipes to get the batter right for a light & crispy Banana Fritters and I think I’ve finally got it right this time 🙂

Mix 1 part self-raising flour + 2 parts plain flour with enough water to a ‘coating’ consistency …. add a pinch of salt if so desired …let stand for 10 minutes

Heat up a pan of oil enough for deep-frying until hot …. coat bananas in batter evenly and deep-fry until golden brown

Lift bananas out of pan of oil with a slotted spoon onto kitchen paper lined plate …. awesomely light & crispy Banana Fritters … lovely eaten as it is for a superb tea-time treat or serve it up with your Chicken Maryland meal as I did so 😉

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  1. I’m making these very soon… A mutual friend of ours made me a banana dish steamed in a banana leaf that changed my life forever it was so good and these fritters look like they’ll be just as delicious! The last picture looks like a plate of fish waiting for a load of chips : )

    I’m thinking these would make a decadent breakfast if you drizzled them with gula malaka and some coconut milk… Ok, now I’m drooling…

    • Let me know if you get an equally light & crispy banana fritters …I’ve experimented with many different batter mixtures and this one came to me from nowwhere and I find it almost perfect 😉

      Yes, that banana leave wrapped banana pudding is called “Lepat Pisang” or “Lepat Sago Pisang” …the former is steamed with coconut milk and sliced bananas and the latter is steamed with a mixture of sago, fresh grated coconut + sugar and sliced bananas …both are awesome desserts or tea-time treats 🙂 I love all things bananas …. actually if you wanna drizzle with gula melaka & coconut milk …the other ‘mashed banana fritters’ would be a better option … I’m going to make some again and will blog to share with you 🙂

      I never even thought about the ‘fish-look-alike’ ..indeed it does the Beer Batter Fish & Chips my hubby often would make for us …except the fish fillet he uses are humongous!

  2. shawn.leishman

    Haha. Soon u’ll be buying like 50 of these when you get back!

  3. Yay! M gonna try this batter…looks good leh!

    • Bwahahaha … it’s you … when I got the email notification I thought who is this so happy and gonna try my Goreng Pisang recipe …hehehe ..let me know how you it turns out for you ok, Jo … don’t forget to let the batter rest for 10 minutes before you start coating and deep-frying up the bananas ya 😉

      • ah….hv to leave it to rest for 10mins.,..okok…will try dis weekend. yday dad just prayed so we hv loads of bananas! jonie & i gonna bake choc banana cupcake as well…will send u pics.

      • So, Jo … how goes it? …yes show me pics ya 😉

      • it bombed!!! not sure what went wrong….after we fried it the batter became sticky! & the whole thing just looked funny….not goreng pisang at all!!! i’ll send u the pics via watsapp….yikes! not sure if i deleted it yet….but will try again soon

      • Strange, Jo .. I just made it here in Indy and L-girl thinks it is ok .. just have to eat it while hot .. did you make the batter very thick? Consistency should be just nice to coat the back of a metal spoon … not too thick.

  4. wow! what a great combination,,,,I;ve always had banana fritters for breakfast or an afternoon snack.. Will try this soon…keep up the good work!!


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