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Crispy Fried Butterflied Garfish

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Okay .. WHAT is Garfish??  According to Wikipedia, The garfish (Belone belone), or sea needle, is a pelagicoceanodromous needlefish found in brackish and marine waters of the EasternAtlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, etc. The fish lives close to the surface and has a migratory pattern similar to that of themackerel, arriving a short time before the latter to spawn. It is long and slender, sometimes 2 or 3 feet (0.91 m) in length. From the North Sea, garfish migrate to shallow waters in April and May. They spawn in areas with eel grass in May and June. In the autumn they return to the open sea, including the Atlantic west of the British Isles.

Garfish are pelagic. They feed on small fish and leap out of the water when hooked. The garfish are oviparous and the eggs are often found attached to objects in the water by tendrils on the egg’s surface. Garfish have unusually green bones (due to biliverdin) which discourages many people from eating them, but the green color is harmless. They are caught mainly in fixed nets along the coast in shallow waters. Garfish are eaten fried, baked, barbecued or smoked.

So, as you can guess, this is the first time we are having Garfish!!

THESE are butterflied Garfish fillets … all the way from Australia 😉 … admittedly, it’s not a cheap fish … 500g (as what’s seen on pix here) costs about US$30 …almost £20??!!

Close-up view of butterflied Garfish fillets ….

This is an image of what a Garfish actually looks like 😉

Sprinkled with lemon juice and dredged in flour mixture

Dip garfish into beaten eggs

Coat Garfish with breadcrumbs …

Garfish perfectly coated with breadcrumb …

Panfry the breaded Garfish until crisp & golden

Crispy Fried Butterflied Garfish served up with simple steamed Asparagus and Baby Carrots and Crispy Cajun Potato Wedges

Oven-frying Cajun Potato Wedges

Crispy OvenFried Cajun Potato Wedges

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  1. shawn.leishman

    Never tasted that fish before I think…. hmmmmm

    • Our first time too, Shawn … I bought it at Cold Storage … very expensive but worth a try of it and it was nice albeit the fillet is too thin so coated with breadcrumbs not as nice as just marinate it and pan-fry because the latter you can then truly enjoy the fish. Apparently the eggs of this fish is poison to human!!

  2. Thin fillets like garfish fillets are really good rolled up around something and then lightly poached. A good example would be garfish rolled around a large prawn and then lightly poached in court bouillon. I would let the poached roll cool and serve it lightly chilled or at room temperature with aioli and a nice salad.

    You could also go a little more provincial and roll the fish around a couple of steamed or sauteed asparagus stalks and then poach the roll in a tomato, caper, white wine and lemon sauce. That one would be better served with a potato and leek galette than a salad though.

    • cheftolus … I almost had it lightly pan-grilled and served on a bed of tomato, caper, white wine sauce but decided to go other way!! I often use lemon sole to roll it around asparagus and then I’d steam it then drizzle with garlic oil c/w soy sauce.


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