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Sonny Boy’s Siew Yoke (Roast Pork Belly with Crackling)

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My son who is still in University had pieces of pork belly and wanted to make the Chinese style Roast Pork Belly (with Crackling) called “Siew Yoke” so he SMSed me and I guided him via SMS on how to make it and here it is ……not unsimilar to the Roast Pork Crackling Joint I’d made and posted earlier …just different parts of pork used ….pork belly is more juicy and softer whereas a leg/shoulder joint although juicy is more like a piece of roast ……the other joint which we love and also with crackling is the Pork Knuckle 😉

Here, my son used Pork Belly to make the Chinese Siew Yoke/Roast Pork (with Crackling) ... marinated with Chinese 5-spice powder after the pieces of Pork Belly had been cleaned and boiled in water for 30 minutes

The skin of the pork belly was scored and marinated with salt ... it is the salt that will help make the skin crackle ...

The pork belly roasting away ....and skin is crackling up nicely .... note : skin of fresh pork crackles better versus a frozen joint

The roast is ready 🙂

Son must be in a hurry ... instead of slicing up the roast pork belly into nice small pieces to serve up, he just chopped it up in chunks to take this pic to show me the result of his culinary skills 😉

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  1. shawn.leishman

    Heh… =p


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